Sep 2013

SmartPhones, today, are also a one stop shop for all Entertainment needs. From streaming music, to tuning in to your favourite radio station, to watching videos/ TV – all of this is possible on the pocket sized device. A recent study from eMarketer states that listening to Music on SmartPhones is a regular activity for more than 70 million people in the US and predicts a double digit growth of Mobile music listeners by 2015. A similar study states that SmartPhone users in the US spend around 8 mins per day watching Videos through apps.

Given the growing popularity and accessibility of these apps, we decided to get a better understanding of these users in terms of : “WHO”, “WHEN” and “WHAT” they access.

Our on-device mobile measurement data reveals that the popularity of these streaming/non streaming video/audio apps is relatively higher among Females. Interestingly, the popularity of Mobile Entertainment is irrespective of age groups and is enjoyed by all.

Our data also points to variation in the time of the day these services are accessed - while higher proportion of users listen to Music/Radio in the mornings, Video & TV is accessed post 6 PM.

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