Sep 2013

With myriad options of apps and games to download, Android is the most preferred OS amongst SmartPhone users. However there is also a cause of concern for users as security threats on Android are increasing, leaving users exposed to malicious threats on their devices. According to a recent research released by the US government, 79% of mobile operating malware threats in 2012 took place on Android. It has classified Android as the primary target for malware attacks citing its dominant market share and open source architecture. While installing a good Antivirus software on the SmartPhone is amongst the basic preventive measures for any virus threats, do users identify with the risks and thus secure their SmartPhones?

Our on device mobile measurement data reveals that only 3 out of 10 users have an Antivirus app running on their devices. Presence of such apps is highest in the 35-54 yrs age bracket. Gender wise, females have a slightly higher reach than males. The top three apps used for protection against attacks are “Antivirus & Security by Lookout” followed by “AntiVirus Security – Free by AVG” and “Norton Security antivirus”.

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