Sep 2014

With the launch of two larger iPhones, an Apple watch and a mobile payment solution, Apple must have undoubtedly lived one of their biggest days on Tuesday. With the industry experts busy in reviewing and analyzing the new entrants, many reports have declared ‘Apple Pay’ - the mobile payment solution to be the clear winner. With Apple adopting NFC for its new app, it is expected to ignite users interest towards mobile payments in the next few months.

A few weeks back we had shared our findings on the rise in the adoption of mobile payment apps amongst Android users []. With the launch of Apple Pay, we may see a similar trend amongst iOS users in future. Till then let’s have a look at the category usage amongst our iOS panelists in this week’s newsletter.

Our data reveals that 4 out of 10 iPhone users access a mobile payment app with Males and 35+ year olds being the most prominent users. PassBook, myAT&T and PayPal are the most popular apps used.

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