Sep 2015

Attracting consumer attention in the highly competitive mcommerce market is a big challenge nowadays. Shopping app giants are in constant endeavour to provide unique comfort and satisfaction of online shopping to both their loyal and potential buyers. The latest launch of redesigned and upgraded version of eBay app (eBay 4.0) compatible to both iOS and Android Smartphones is such an attempt to stay ahead in the competition. This new version is claimed to feature a better user Interface coupled with more image centric design to facilitate e-shopping experience of a user.

In line with the buzz, we decided to understand the usage of eBay app among both Android and iOS users in the US in our weekly InfoFlash. Our data reveals that the popularity of eBay app is relatively higher among Android users as compared to their iOS counterparts. Demographically, penetration of the app is high among users aged 25+ year olds and female Android users.

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