Sep 2014

As per a recent report, redeeming eCoupons is expected to double in the next three years with Smartphones/Tablets anticipated to be the largest contributors. These apps not only help users in finding good deals on the go, but also provide a mean for earning more coupons. Though the category had a slow start in gaining its foothold, it has picked up pace and is making its presence felt in the ecommerce industry. With these apps now poised to take off thanks to the growing adoption of Smartphones and tablets, we decide to look at its usage on both the devices in our this week’s newsletter.

Our ODM data reveals that every 1 of out 2 Smartphone users accesses Mobile coupon apps on his/her device. While the category Reach is higher on Smartphones, Tablet users spend more time on these apps. Penetration for the genre is more or less similar throughout the day on both the devices.

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