Oct 2015

There have been many reports stating that Smartphone users are spending majority of their time on mobile apps and these online apps have taken over the web as far as device engagement is concerned. Looking at the popularity of various social media, chat, shopping and service apps, this really isn't an understatement. Having said that, it won't be fair to say that mobile web does not attract traction. There are still certain activities for which Smartphone users prefer going the browsing way rather than accessing application. One of such activities is reading news.

In our this week's InfoFlash, we decided to compare the penetration of news apps and websites as a category amongst our ODM panelists from different markets.

Our data reveals that, number of users accessing news (reach%) through mobile browser is much higher than those accessing them using news applications. Australia, Algeria, Malaysia, Indonesia are few markets where the gap in reach is around 15% while other markets show a much wider gap. India is the only market where news apps outpace mobile browsers for news content.

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