Oct 2015

Online Radio service providers are making newer moves in the quest of surviving against the highly competitive online music streaming space. Pandora radio recently acquired concert ticket selling service - Ticketfly for a whooping amount of US$ 450 million. Nowadays, live concerts are popular destinations for music lovers. Therefore, the acquisition is expected to create value addition for the company by offering concert tickets to its listeners as per user’s favourite artist(s) live performance(s).

In line with this interesting move from Pandora, we decided to glance through the trended market penetration of Pandora Radio App amongst our panellists from the US in this week’s Infoflash. As per our ODM data, the Reach of Pandora Radio app remained highest so far during the 1st quarter of the year 2015. Quarter 2 portrays a consistent popularity trend followed by a little drip in the first two months of 3rd quarter. Engagement climbed highest during July’15 for the period.

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