Nov 2013

Photo sharing through SmartPhones wasn’t as much fun as it is today, thanks to apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Streamzoo, Vine etc. Instagram, a leader in this space, has around 150 million monthly active users in its kitty in just 3 years of its presence. Users can not only share pictures but edit them too with a host of effects available. Basking in the glory of its “Photo” sharing feature, a few months back it also added a “video” sharing option. This is not all. A recent report by Gigaom states that the company is gearing up to launch another new interesting feature that of “private messaging”. With all these features and many more coming up, it would be interesting to see how competition copes up with it and what more it has in store for the users. Till then let us see, how is the usage of Instagram app on Android SmartPhones and how much it has changed in the last one year.

Our on device mobile measurement data shows that the popularity of Instagram is increasing by the day. In the last one year, its user base has increased by 75% while engagement level has gone up 6X times. A shift is also seen in the profile of users. Compared to last year, the percentage of younger age group users has decreased (15-17 & 18-24 yrs.) while that in the older groups has increased.

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