Nov 2013

With the advent of internet and ever advancing technology, life around us is changing every minute rather every second. What was new yesterday is obsolete today. We have changed in many ways - be it searching for information, listening to music, watching videos or reading books. In the era of SmartPhones & millions of Apps, one more genre that we see emerging is ‘eBooks’. Consumers have already shown that they love eBook apps for their convenience (storage, night reading, font adjustment etc.) and accessibility.

We dig deep in our On Device Meter data to understand the audience who uses eBook apps on their Android SmartPhones. Our data clearly indicates that, key users of these apps are females who spend average of 6 minutes per day on eBook apps. 4 out of every 10 women from 36 – 40 years of age group access eBook apps with more than half an hour of stickiness in each reading session.

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