May 2014

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer has widened its service offerings over the last few years. From online book store to video games to electronics to e-book readers [Kindle], cloud computing and much more. The brand has successfully made its presence felt amongst the Smartphone users through its user friendly applications.

The brand continues to innovate and has been continuously inventing itself with new products. Currently focusing on the Indian market, Amazon is in news for its biggest development i.e. the launch of their own brand of ‘Smartphone’

With so many apps under its portfolio, we decide to look at how the top Amazon apps fare in the US in this week’s newsletter. Our ODM data reveals that ‘Amazon Shopping App’ is the most popular app amongst users. ‘Amazon App Store’ and ‘Amazon MP3 App’ follow next while ‘Amazon local app’ is yet to attract users. In terms of engagement, ‘Amazon Shopping’ and ‘Amazon MP3’ top the list.

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