May 2015

Spotify, the most widely used music app in the US has already a lot to offer to its users. For 10 bucks a month, 'Spotify Premium' is already a great deal where it allows a user to listen to all kinds of music and download playlists and tracks on their Smartphone. Adding to that, Spotify is now expanding well beyond streaming music. At an event held in New York yesterday, Spotify announced plethora of new features like adding TV shows and original video content, podcasts & radio shows, new discovery tools, and an electronic jogging buddy to its mobile app.

This development made us look into our data to understand how the app is currently been used in the US. Our data reveals that the app has a relatively higher penetration and engagement amongst 15-35 year old and a comparison by gender shows that Males enjoy higher engagement level. It would be interesting to see if the newly introduced features increase the usage of the app in the near future. Till then keep watching this space.

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