May 2014

It would be impossible to think of our world without the Internet - it is the lifeblood of the connected world that we live in. To say that the PC or Smartphone is rendered incomplete without the Internet would not be an overstatement today. In fact, were it not for the Internet, you would probably not be reading our newsletter.

According to a CISCO report, United States is amongst the top countries that have the highest data consumption. The report further states that US has entered the ‘gigabyte’ era in the mobile data consumption space. This stands especially true when majority of Smartphones today are on an active Internet connection - either through a mobile data plan or Wi-Fi network.

Questions that we are asked a lot of times these days tend to be around data consumption - whether it is on a Cellular/ mobile data plan or a Wi-Fi connection and how much does Wi-Fi contribute to the total consumption etc. In our newsletter this week, we try to answer some of the questions with the help of some behavior data of our panelists from the US.

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