May 2014

With so many advanced features and apps, the traditional activities that were carried out on a mobile phone are slowly moving out. While Chat has already replaced SMS and VOIP apps have made the calling experience better, Smartphones today have also chucked out the good old way of checking weather forecasts on television or radio or newspapers. Today, users check weather updates on the go with the help of Weather apps which are considered a “must-have” on Smartphones. Many new apps are foraying into this genre and the recent alliance between WeatherBug and Little League proves that weather apps are indeed a very important part of the Smartphone space.

Hence, in this week’s newsletter, we decide to understand how, what and when these weather apps are used on the Smartphones.

Our ODM data reveals that 46% of Android Smartphone users access a “Weather” app atleast once a day. A look at the hourly usage shows that the Reach for these apps is highest in the afternoon. While “The Weather Channel” is the most popular app used, native app “News & Weather” follows next.

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