May 2014

SmartPhones and modern communication is not what we connect with immediately when we say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. But this old adage seems to hold true even in the modern day.

Social networking, Micro blogging and even Chat on SmartPhones have changed the way we communicate - so instead of saying it aloud or plain texting, we are much more “visual” now and use pictures and memes which say much more. This week we look at 2 applications, Instagram - a picture based app and Twitter which predominantly is text based and track their usage over the last 1 year to see their adoption and prophesize what lies ahead.

Our ODM data for the US Android users reveal that the image app Instagram has grown by 7% whereas Twitter has witnessed a drop in its user base by 4%. This data may not necessarily conclude the future of these apps, however it clearly reinforces the power of visual world.

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