Mar 2014

Twitter - the social networking site which made ‘tweeting’ a routine part of many user’s life, recently turned 8 years old. Since then, ‘tweeting’ undoubtedly has become a day to day task for many users across globe. So, is the interest in ‘tweeting’ still intact? Are new users willing to tweet?

Various reports suggest that Twitter indeed has been facing a decline in its user base, which has been even acknowledged by the top executives of the California based firm []. There is also an acceptance of the existing users being checking their feed of messages less frequently - mainly attributed to the design which is perceived to be hard to use. So what is it, that will keep the user’s interest going? New features like photo tagging has already been introduced. But will it solve Twitter’s problems? Only time will tell.

In this week’s newsletter, we decided to see how Twitter has been performing in the SmartPhone space. Our ODM data suggests that the popularity of Twitter app has remained stagnant in the APAC countries over last 6 months with drop seen in the Reach amongst users from the US. The engagement on the app witnessed a decline in the US and Indonesia while opposite trend is seen in Malaysia.

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