Mar 2015

Image apps have been around for some time and there are many getting added to the list every day. The latest addition to this list is ‘Layout’, recently launched by Instagram. Layout is a photo-sharing application for Instagram users to instantly build collages using their mobile photos that in turn can be shared on Instagram or Facebook.

Layout is currently an iOS application and the Android version is to be released sometime soon. Photo collage-making is already a popular activity amongst users, worldwide. And it would be interesting to watch if the new offering follows the same trajectory as that of Instagram. In today’s Infoflash edition, we look at the affinity and engagement of Android Smartphone users to Instagram across geographies. Barring India, in the other 5 markets Instagram has a reach of over 30% with Malaysia recording highest. Engagement on the app however is noticeably higher in the US compared to other markets. Moreover, in majority of the markets usage shows a clear female skew for this popular image app.

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