Mar 2014

One could have never foreseen the mass communication phenomenon that mobile chat services are today. With most chat brands offering cross platform services, Blackberry Messenger [BBM], the pioneer for such services was almost forgotten. While die hard Blackberry users swear by the service, the originality of being available only on a Blackberry device always seemed a double edged sword.

So when the news of BBM messenger being available to Android and iOS came in October 2013, there was a lot of noise on the release with tech pundits talking about the advantages, the uniqueness and security that BBM offers and common users trying to get a bearing on BBM language of PINs and invitations that were required.

Few months down the road we look at the brand and where it stands amongst SmartPhone users across markets. Our data shows BBM has strengthened its footprint month on month only in Indonesia, a market with comparatively higher user base for Blackberry could be a reason for its growth. In other markets users have long experimented and moved on to other popular services and the novelty of having a BBM on their Android device did not create much excitement.

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