Mar 2014

Chat apps have clearly eaten into the text messaging share, and it now looks like VOIP follows suit cannibalizing voice calls. Skype and Hangouts have been operating in this space for a long time. Last month BlackBerry started voice calling on its messaging service BBM. And the latest to jump on the bandwagon is WhatsApp Messenger.

This week we look at the preference and the differences for Chat/VOIP apps across regions. Our data shows that WhatsApp is the clear favourite amongst Android users in India and Indonesia. BBM also stands out in Indonesia where 6 out of every 10 Android users access it, thus making it the second most popular Chat/VOIP app. Two apps which are neck and neck in their standings in Malaysia are WeChat and WhatsApp. While Viber is the most popular app in Philippines, users in Thailand prefer LINE. Interestingly in the US, Hangouts (erstwhile Gtalk) tops the list.

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