June 2014

Line Corporation is celebrating the third birthday of its Line mobile messaging app, the LINE APP. Best known for its branded stickers and addictive games, it also diversified its offer portfolio with camera and gaming apps.

On the occasion of LINE’s 3rd birthday, we decided to look at its standing in various markets. Our ODM data shows that – It is the strongest in Thailand where 95% of the Smartphone users access it with a whopping 1.15 hrs of stickiness. It ranks 3rd and 4th top most used chat app in Indonesia & Malaysia. Its presence in markets like US is negligible currently, however with services like Line messenger voice call service that lets users reach out to landline and Smartphone users it may provide for a unique opportunity. This service is slated to be launched soon in the US, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Thailand and Philippines. Keep watching this space for more updates.

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