Jun 2015

Twitter, the second most popular social networking app after facebook in the US and many other markets recently announced launch of a new feature – 'Video Autoplay', for seamless video viewing. Now while you are on Twitter, you can play native videos, GIFs, Vines, sponsored videos on your timeline as against number of taps it used to take to play a video. Videos will appear larger and will autoplay on mute when you see them on your timeline. Clicking on the video will put it in full-screen mode and add sound too. You can still retweet, comment or like the video at any point. Twitter's new 'video autoplay' feature is rolling out gradually first on iOS and the web, and later to Android.

Keeping in view the implications of this new feature on engagement with the application, we decided to glance at the present day engagement with this app in various markets. Our data reveals that, US boasts highest engagement with Twitter on Android platform whereas the wider user base comes from Indonesia where approximately one in every 4 Android users uses Twitter. Keeping watching this space we will have more on this topic soon.

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