June 2014

The wait is over for soccer fanatics across the world as FIFA world cup commences today. Not only on TV and PC, soccer craze is strong on Smartphones and Tablets too. There are plethora of apps available for Smartphone/Tablet users to stay updated on the scores or schedules or even watching videos and highlights. But while Smartphone users have a lot to chose from, do they actually follow their favourite sport through these apps? Or do they stick to TV and PCs for keeping themselves informed. Keeping up with the soccer frenzy, we have “Sports usage” as the theme for our newsletter this week.

Our ODM data reveals that websites are the main source for information on sports with their Reach being around 2X higher than that of sports apps amongst both Smartphone and Tablet users. ESPN, makes its way in the top sports apps as well as websites accessed by Smartphone and Tablet users.

While the current usage of sports apps and websites is low, it may splurge due to football fever and these top apps may be replaced by football/soccer apps. We will keep you posted through our newsletters. Till then keep enjoying the world cup.

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