Jun 2015

Facebook recently launched its slim version in the form of Facebook Lite, focussing primarily on emerging markets where connectivity and data usage remain constant woes for smartphone users. Facebook Lite is aimed to consume lesser amount of data and run faster on slow network connections, thus providing enhanced user experience under limited conditions. This move by Facebook will strengthen their user base attracting SmartPhone users across rural and urban areas for whom the higher speed networks are expensive or with limited availability.

In this week's edition of InfoFlash we try to understand usage levels for Facebook app in developed and emerging markets. Our ODM data shows that the engagement on Facebook is comparatively much subdued in markets like India and Indonesia as compared to their counterparts in Malaysia and Philippines. In the US, usage is as high as 2-3 times than that of India and Indonesia.

It would be interesting to see if Facebook Lite manages to rope in higher number of active users and also increase the stickiness with the app in future.

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