June 2014

‘Selfie’ is the latest rage that has grabbed the attention of many Smartphone users across the world. Whether it is a special moment or a random click, we see so many selfies being clicked. From Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie to the all captains selfie at IPL 7, the craze is there amongst everyone.

Having said that, one should not forget the evolution that Smartphone cameras have gone through in the last few years. From clicking a snap through a VGA lens to having a picture clicked from a high megapixel camera, the experience of clicking pictures has entirely changed. Today, when a company launches its new flagship handset, camera has to be one of the mandatory big feature. With so many advanced features being introduced at a fast pace, we can say that mobile photography is here to stay.

Considering ‘Smartphone camera’ as the context, in this week’s newsletter, we decide to look at the number of images clicked by our panelists in the US and other APAC countries.

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