July 2013

Instagram re-defined the way we share life’s moments through our Smartphones and while we saw an invasion of “me too” apps, they never posed any real competition - up till now. “Snapchat” a fairly new addition to the Photo sharing space is beginning to show some traction. A recent release from KPCB mentions that the number of photos shared per day are higher on Snapchat than on Instagram. While it is too early to comment, it would be an interesting matchup going forward.

Informate’s on device mobile measurement data shows 500% growth for Snapchat since its debut on Google Play. On comparison, we find that higher number of users for Snapchat are amongst younger age group (18-24 yrs) while popularity of Instagram is higher in the 25-34 age bracket. Instagram users also spent 5X more time on the app as compared to their counterpart on Snapchat.

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