July 2015

Fitness is one area where one can't afford to think about it once, run through a checklist of things to improve and then forget about it. Good health needs to be maintained through small and consistent actions which lasts over a period of time. That's where mobile apps make for ideal fitness companions. As per a recent report, it has been estimated that by the end of 2015, 500 million smartphone users worldwide will be using at least one health app on their device. Further, by 2018, the number of users is expected to grow 6 times.

With 'health & fitness' apps as the theme, we decided to look at how popular these apps are amongst our panelists from different markets in our this week's InfoFlash. Our data reveals that the popularity of these apps is highest in Australia & South Africa. Qatar and US follow next. The category penetration is seen to be lowest amongst users from Malaysia & Indonesia.

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