Jan 2014

While modern technology brings us together there are variations of the same technology being used differently and for different purposes. Even within a country, the gender divide always exists and is more evident when it comes to technology usage. It stands true even for SmartPhone usage and we have seen distinct differences in the way a female uses the phone as compared to males.

While the gender divide has been explored, it would be interesting to see same gender comparison across markets. To do this we delved into our On-Device-Meter data and compared SmartPhone usage behavior between females in America and Asia.

Our data shows that an American female SmartPhone user spends 64% more time on traditional activities like calls & messaging, while their counterpart from Asia are hooked on to Chat and spend more time on the genre - over 6 times more!!

While engagement on Social Networking remains similar, the overall data consumption amongst American women is higher.

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