Jan 2014

The year 2013 saw a lot of buzz in the US SmartPhone space. From SmartPhone penetration increasing to 64% [from 43% in 2012] to Android OS sales share witnessing a rise of 8% over the last 1 year, we saw a lot of numbers being bettered. With so much happening, we decided to look at our On Device data and see if there were any usage differences over the last 1 year.

Our SmartPhone Analytics reveal an improvement in the share of time spent on Online apps over Janí 2013. The share of time spent on Calls and Messaging shows a drop while at the same time Games witnessed slight improvement. Within categories, Chat and Image saw increased popularity. Candy Crush Saga - named one of the top apps for the year 2013, had an exponential growth, increasing its user base 5X times in Noví 2013.

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