Jan 2014

In mid December 2013, Spotify introduced free on-demand streaming services on SmartPhones and tablets. With this feature, SmartPhone users can listen to music from a specific artist in shuffle mode or from their own playlists without having to pay any charge. In the previous version, only premium members who paid $10 a month had access to the service through their SmartPhones/tablets. An article released by Mashable.com mentions that this feature of Spotify may kill Pandora Radio and iTunes. Whether Spotify takes the top spot or will not create as much buzz only time can tell. Till then let us take a quick look at our SmartPhone Analytics and see what the current figures look like.

Our on device mobile measurement data reveals that reach of Spotify is at a very nascent stage, with the penetration remaining stagnant over the last six months. Reach for Pandora Radio on the other hand showed a decrease from 27% to 21%. Inspite of having a huge difference in reach %, engagement level is almost at par. Falling reach of Pandora Radio could pave a way for Spotify!

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