Feb 2016

Worldwide mobile payment apps gained popularity for its convenience of making transactions on go. Factors such as reliability, network speed, security of online transactions were the major concerns at initial level. However, with time the mobile payment app providers have perfected these issues with addition of valuable features to establish momentum in the market. Likewise, PayPal, one of the frontrunner in this category, recently declared to reintroduce Near Field Communication (NFC) technology sometime in the middle of 2016 to add more ease in consumer experience. This tap-and-pay technology to pay bills at checkout register of stores is becoming more popular among shoppers.

Since PayPal leads the mobile payment app usage in the US, in this week's InfoFlash, we decided to look at the demographic penetration of the app. Our ODM data reveals that close to one-fifth of the total Android Smartphone users in the country access the app on their phones. Age wise, Reach is relatively higher amongst 25 to 35 year olds while no significance variance is seen in the penetration figures across gender.

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