Feb 2015

Mobile carriers in the US are trying their best to keep competition at bay. From announcing promotional plans on Twitter to incentivising customers to switch to own network, these carriers are going great lengths to beat others in terms of number of subscribers. Last December, Sprint started a campaign on Twitter which read “Say goodbye to your costly Verizon or AT&T rate plan at the #CutYourBill Event”. Couple of weeks back T-Mobile started offering best pricing on every device sold for those who paid their T-Mobile bills on time. A day after this, Sprint targeted T-mobile customers by offering them incentives for trading their T-Mobile numbers for Sprints service. While their advertising strategies differ, in our this week’s newsletter, we look at how different or similar is the smartphone usage of subscribers of these operators in US.

Our data reveals that engagement on the device is almost similar across operators. Number of call made per month as well as the time spent on them is highest among T-Mobile users. Even usage of cellular data is highest among T-Mobile users while AT&T subscribers send and receive the most number of SMSs.

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