Dec 2015

The last few months has seen a major shift in the amount of time people spend on PCs and Smartphones. As mobile devices are getting more capable and 'smarter', many users are spending more time on Smartphones which is convenient to carry around. The significant rise seen in the adoption of Smartphones has also turned mobile gaming into a huge business. As per a recent report, the mobile gaming revenues worldwide touched the $30 billion mark in 2015 and this figure is estimated to grow even further in 2016.

While the mobile gaming space continue to break the revenue figures every year, in our this week's InfoFlash, we decided to look if there is any age wise difference in the engagement levels on games in different markets. Our ODM data reveals that 24+ year olds spend highest time on playing games in most of the markets. 15-24 year olds are relatively more engaged in India and Philippines. No major difference is seen in the time spent figures amongst users from Brazil and Indonesia.

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