Dec 2015

In a journey of six years since 2010, Pinterest has so far made seven acquisitions with two more confirmed in pipeline. The app gained attention of Smartphone users due to its unique concept of creating an image board where a user can pin his/her favourite web pages, items etc. through searching, collecting, sharing and storing. Pinterest is near to close a deal of acquiring two companies, namely, Pext, an app provider which converts text to meme and The Hunt, community powered shopping service. These acquisitions are expected to bolster connections between the users and products by improving search feature of the app.

In tune with this latest move from Pinterest, in this week’s Infoflash, we analyzed the popularity of Pinterest app amongst our ODM panelists from the US across different demographics. As per our findings, interestingly Reach of the app is relatively higher amongst users of age group 30 to 40 followed by younger age group of 15 to 24. Gender wise, the app is most popular among Females.

It would be interesting to see whether these new acquisitions increase the popularity of Pinterest app in the market or not.

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