Dec 2015

Device storage capacity is one of the many features considered by users while buying a Smartphone. With the huge amount of content saved, the device storage gets filled to its capacity in flash of time. To have some storage space available, earlier we frequently copied files to a computer/laptop or saved it on an external drive. However, today these file transfer options have almost phased out as users prefer saving files on the cloud.

One of the most popular players in this cloud service space is Google Drive. With the newer avenues being available for file sharing & storage in today's Smartphone world, we decided to look at penetration of Google Drive and how has it grown over a period of 10 months in various markets.

A comparison of our Jan and Oct 2015 ODM data reveals that the penetration for Google Drive has almost doubled in markets like Brazil & India. At the same time, in South Africa & other APAC markets like Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia more than 50% rise in user base is observed when compared with Jan 2015.

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