Aug 2014

Netflix - one of the leading providers of on demand streaming media, recently crossed the 50 million subscriber mark. The firm, according to an announcement made by its CEO, has surpassed its competitor HBO in terms of subscriber revenue. As a part of its future plans, Netflix is going to start selling gift cards which will allow users to purchase subscriptions from local US retailers. With so many developments and buzz around, we decided to check the usage of Netflix app amongst our iOS panellists and find out what exactly is keeping them glued.

Our Smartphone insights reveal that every 2 out of 10 iOS users access Netflix app on their device. On an average, the app is accessed for 6 days in a month with atleast 1 video being watched per day. “Cartoon/Animation” and “Comedy” are the most watched genres while “Orange is the new black” is the most watched serial.

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