Aug 2015

In the era of 21st century, gaming constitutes a pivotal part of Smartphone engagement amongst users across demography. With the change in time, gaming has widened its presence from Consoles, Playstation, Xbox to game apps on Smartphone. Following the trend, many more mobile games are entering into the market along with growing numbers of game publishing companies. The underlying fact of rising popularity of games on smart devices may be attributed to the fact that, these can be played while on a move.

In one of our recent editions of InfoFlash, we had revealed that 'games' account for highest time spent on Smartphone amongst users from the US. This week, we are delving down deeper to understand which game genres are winning the hearts of these users. Our data reveals that, 'Strategy' games are attracting the highest amount of engagement, closely followed by 'Action' games. 'Sports' and 'Racing' games are the least engaging.

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