Apr 2015

Android Smartphone users very soon will be able to take advantage of Google Chrome's new push notification feature for a number of websites such as Facebook, eBay etc. With this new feature, users can opt to allow specific websites to send them push notifications, just like an installed app, making websites more competitive with Smartphone apps. Another new feature Google Chrome is offering to Android users is the ability to add regularly visited sites to your phone's home screen. This way one can easily go to their favorite sites with a single tap without a need to manually type in the website address anymore.

That led us with the thought of gazing at current usage of browser apps in this week's InfoFlash. Our data reveals that except for Indonesia in other markets the engagement on Google Chrome is higher than the Native Browser. With 7.6 hours/month, users from the US posted highest time spent on Google Chrome. It will be interesting to watch, the impact of these new features introduced by Google Chrome on total browsing time across markets. We shall cover this in our future InfoFlash edition few months from now.

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