Apr 2014

YouTube is to Streaming Video what Facebook is to Social Networking. The video giant has occupied the top position since a long time and no other player has been able to shake its dominant presence. This might change in the coming days with recent reports suggesting that Yahoo, Google’s arch rival, planning to launch its own streaming video site which will be a direct competition to YouTube. This raises many questions like ‘Will Yahoo offer something new to users’, ‘Will Yahoo’s video service manage to weaken YouTube’s popularity’ etc.. Only time can tell if there is going to be any turnaround in the Video streaming space. Till then let’s take a look at YouTube’s usage in the Smartphone space in our this week’s newsletter.

Our on device mobile measurement data reveals that YouTube is way ahead of its nearest competitor Netflix in terms of Reach. On the app space, the Reach is 4X times higher while the site has a 6X times higher Reach. YouTube app users spend 4.5 hrs per month while the average number of pages viewed on the site stands at 9 per month.

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