Apr 2014

Flappy Bird! The game has been in news since last couple of months mainly because of various speculations and conspiracy theories surrounding around its removal from app stores. But must say, the game, before all its controversy did enjoy the top position on the popularity charts in early 2014, so much so that many phones which had the game pre-installed in it were on sale for high prices.

At a time, when the founder, Mr. Dong Nguyen has announced that the game will be back on the app stores soon, the world is still busy to understand the actual reason that led to its withdrawal. With so much hullabaloo happening around the game, we decided to look at our ODM data, to understand to what extent the users across geographies were ‘addicted’ to the game.

As per our data, the game was most popular in Philippines with every one out of 2 users playing the game on device. Indonesia and US had a Reach of 24% and 14% respectively while Malaysia, Thailand and India had very less ‘addicted’ users. Higher engagement was seen amongst users from Philippines.

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