Oops. We Jumped The Gun (Got A Little Too Excited)

1/2/23 Greetings Readers, That’s right. We goofed with yesterday’s gun-jumping email. Maybe you could call it being a little too excited. Here’s why. Reaching a $2.01 high from an open of $1.37, my most recent breakout idea (NBY) moved approximately $.60+ after my alert. In total, NBY blasted vertically for an approximate 46% run intraday. … Read more

Could Friday’s NYSE American Idea Be 2022’s Final Breakout Runner? Two Alert Updates Here

12/29/22 Greetings Readers, Let’s dive in quickly because we’ve got some things to go over. Wednesday’s Nasdaq idea (UNAM) killed it in pre-market. Nailing a $1.79 high before the bell, UNAM surged approximately 54% before 9:30AM EST from its closing valuation of $1.16 Tuesday. Here’s the thing… It wasn’t done. Grinding out a 2 day … Read more

A Recent Breakout Idea Has Now Surged Approximately 298% Short Term (Here’s What’s Coming Next)

12/27/22 Greetings Readers, We’ve been hot. I mean, smoking hot. Bringing breakout idea after breakout idea to you over the past several months, nothing has quite popped off like recent Nasdaq profile (APCX). Let’s hit the wayback machine for a second. On the morning of Tuesday, November 29th, I brought APCX to your immediate attention. … Read more

12/11/22 Newsletter – Are You Crunching These Numbers?

Stocks finished lower Friday, with all the major averages posting losses for the week as worries persisted over continued rate hikes… Let’s run the numbers real fast! The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 305.02 points, or 0.9%, to close at 33,476.46.  The S&P 500 dropped 0.73% to end at 3,934.38. And the Nasdaq Composite fell … Read more

Hot Off 5 Straight Champs (Approx. 299.5% Combined), Here’s A New Breakout Idea To Watch

12/4/22 Greetings Readers, It’s Sunday, so I’ll get straight to the point. We’ve been red hot heat the past month and a half. 5 breakout champs in a row. Check these alerts out: November 29th: APCX stunned while running approximately 52.5% in 3 days. November 15th: Inside a handful of days, BTCY moved approximately 18%. … Read more

11/4/22 Newsletter – This Could Have Been a Disaster

Could you imagine the impact of what a rail strike would have on the U.S. economy? It would have been catastrophic..  Disastrous Rail Strike Avoided..  For Now! The White House projected that as many as 765,000 people would have been put out of work within the first two weeks. And we should be thanking our … Read more