Oops. We Jumped The Gun (Got A Little Too Excited)

1/2/23 Greetings Readers, That’s right. We goofed with yesterday’s gun-jumping email. Maybe you could call it being a little too excited. Here’s why. Reaching a $2.01 high from an open of $1.37, my most recent breakout idea (NBY) moved approximately $.60+ after my alert. In total, NBY blasted vertically for an approximate 46% run intraday. … Read more

Hot Off 5 Straight Champs (Approx. 299.5% Combined), Here’s A New Breakout Idea To Watch

12/4/22 Greetings Readers, It’s Sunday, so I’ll get straight to the point. We’ve been red hot heat the past month and a half. 5 breakout champs in a row. Check these alerts out: November 29th: APCX stunned while running approximately 52.5% in 3 days. November 15th: Inside a handful of days, BTCY moved approximately 18%. … Read more

11/4/22 Newsletter – This Could Have Been a Disaster

Could you imagine the impact of what a rail strike would have on the U.S. economy? It would have been catastrophic..  Disastrous Rail Strike Avoided..  For Now! The White House projected that as many as 765,000 people would have been put out of work within the first two weeks. And we should be thanking our … Read more

November 27, 2022 Newsletter – Be Judicious

Today, we will begin by recapping where the market stands today, which still shows ongoing volatility. The truth is that it’s a new environment for stocks, and you need a new playbook for a rapidly evolving market. Let’s dig in. Big gains? Since the start of this year, the Federal Reserve has been raising interest … Read more

11/20 Newsletter – Cause for Panic?

Week of November 20, 2022 Today, we will begin by recapping the events of this week, which reflected significant volatility and more pain to come. We’ll discuss the yield curve and what it means for you as the investor going forward. Then we’ll discuss what investors should be doing as the market evolves. Let’s dig … Read more

Could This Nasdaq Profile Become A Bottomed Out Bouncer? My Last 3 Alerts Run Combined 229% (Approx.)

Greetings Readers, It’s Monday AM. Give me 60 seconds. Over the past few weeks, we’ve strung together a handful of major breakout alerts that have gone on incredible runs. If you weren’t around, here’s a quick recap: October 20th: APCX opened at $.64 and ran to a (10/24) high of $1.03. Overall, an approximate 60% … Read more

Signs of life?

Volatility remains persistent, but there is a sign of hope in the markets. But is this hope really here to stay? Today, we will begin by recapping the events of this week, which reflected significant volatility but left us with positive signs for growth and stabilization. Then we’ll discuss what investors can do as the … Read more