Penetration for Mobile Coupon apps highest amongst 25-35 year olds & Females

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Since it is the digital age, more and more people these days are going the mobile friendly way when it comes to using coupons. Smartphone users from the US are using their smart devices more while they are shopping and as a result, mobile coupon usage is growing. With just a few taps, people today can save money versus the old way where they would have to give the printed coupon to the cashier and hold up the line in process. As per a recent report, the number of users who used at least one mobile coupon in 2015 grew by 18%. These figures are expected to grow further considering the ease in the usage of mobile coupons.

Our this week’s InfoFlash reveals that in US, one out of every two Smartphone user access at least one mobile coupon app on his/her phone. A comparison across demographics reveal that the category Reach is highest amongst users aged 25-35 year olds and Females. Ibotta and Shopkick are the most popular apps accessed.

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