Google or Facebook : Who won the battle of digital space at the end of the year 2015?

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The consumer technology industry is one of the most happening battlegrounds for showing tech wizardry for any start-up or established player. Google and Facebook are two giant rulers with many products in their portfolio which are now part of the lives of people worldwide in multiple dimensions. Both the companies have been long engaged in the process of mergers and acquisitions of other tech companies which are either selling unique stellar idea(s) or instrumental to add associated values in supply chain of product development.

In this week’s Infoflash, we reviewed the year end performance of the most popular products from these two biggest names in US, ruling the world of Android apps. As per our ODM data, among all the products of Google, Google Chrome is the busiest browser while nearly all android Smartphone users access Google Play Store for app download. Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube are other successful products across different genres.

Within Social Networking, Facebook app has no near competition in terms of popularity and engagement. Within Chat category, reach of Facebook Messenger is at a higher side with respect to WhatsApp Messenger, another well known chat app from Facebook. Instagram enjoys leadership among Image apps.

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