International Women’s day special – Smartphone usage among females

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The world celebrated International Women’s Day yesterday. Over the years, women have proved that they are at par, if not ahead, of men. To honour their greatness and acknowledge their power, across the globe people celebrate womanhood on this day.

Keeping this as the theme, we at Informate Mobile Intelligence, decided to analyze how women use their smartphones and how the usage has changed over the years.

Our findings reveal that engagement on Smartphones is highest among female smartphone users in US (4.7 hours per day) which is around 2X higher than the time spent by females in India (2.5 hours). Females in other APAC countries like Thailand (3.6 hours), Malaysia (3.3 hours) and Philippines (2.8 hours) spend higher time on their devices as compared to Indian users while those in LATAM markets viz, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico spend close to 2 hours.

Popularity of Mobile Payment apps among female smartphone users is similar in India and US while that of Mobile coupons is 3X higher in US than that in India. Shopping apps also have higher penetration in US compared to India. Brazil showed low penetration across all three categories. Shopping as a category has grown tremendously in India in the last one year. From a penetration of 7% in Jan. ’14, it has increased to a whopping 40% in Jan. ’15. Reach of Mobile payments genre has also doubled in the last year.

Chat/VOIP apps are taking over the traditional SMSes and this can be clearly seen from the engagement on these genres. Time spent on Chat/VOIP has increased more than 2X times in the last 3 years while that on Messaging has decreased considerably.

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