2022’s Last Breakout Idea Blasted Approximately 46% Intraday (Here’s What’s On Tap)


Greetings Readers,

We made it. Happy New Year!

Listen. I’m coming to you ahead of 2023’s first official opening bell because I have an idea I can’t wait to bring to your attention.

But first, a quick recap.

Last Friday, we closed out the 2022 campaign in style with breakout idea (NBY).

And boy, let me tell you, it was a doozy.

Reaching a $2.01 high from an open of $1.37, NBY moved approximately $.60+ after my alert.

In total, NBY blasted vertically for an approximate 46% run intraday.

But that was last week. Heck. It was a different year. Time to move forward.

At 9:30AM EST tomorrow, I’m bringing a new Nasdaq profile to your immediate focus.

This profile will require a top spot on your watch-list for several reasons.

First off, it’s sporting a significant analyst target painting it with over triple-digit potential upside from its closing valuation Friday.

Secondly, this company’s market potential is wild. Aiming to become a big-name player in a market that could reach $15Bn by 2030, this profile has continued to fly under Wall Street’s radar for the time being.

But for how much longer?

I’ll be back to you tomorrow AM with the complete report. Talk soon.


Virtus Junxit

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